Man rescued from river – Port Alfred. Woman suffers fatal drowning and her male friend transported to hospital suffering hypothermia – Hout Bay:


Stephen Slade, NSRI Port Alfred deputy station commander, said:

At 11h52, Tuesday, 13th June, NSRI Port Alfred duty crew dispatched rescue swimmers to the Bushmans River Bridge following reports of a drowning in progress after a man had reportedly fallen into the water from the bridge.

EC Government Health EMS, Gardmed ambulance services, Ndlambe Fire and Rescue Services and the SA Police Services responded.

On arrival on the scene resuscitation efforts by paramedics on an unidentified adult male were successful and the man was transported to hospital in a critical condition.

Police have opened an investigation into the incident.

Jandre Meyer, 31, and his mom, who live nearby heard the commotion and on investigation they found the man being swept downstream.

Jandre, who works on super yachts in Florida, USA, and who is on a study holiday at home in Port Alfred, grabbed a wind surfer board that he had purchased recently to SUP (stand up paddle board) on the river and he ran downstream with the board until he caught up with the man and he launched onto the water with his board and on reaching the man he found the man to be unconscious in the water and Jandre was able to drag the man onto his board and bring him to shore.

By that stage his mom had called the emergency services and Jandre, who is qualified in First Aid, was able to assist the man to breathe and as EMS paramedics arrived they took over resuscitation efforts and the man is reportedly recovering well in hospital.

The Meyers are commended for their efforts in saving this mans life.

It remains unclear what caused the man to fall into the water from the bridge and Police are investigating the circumstances.


Lyall Pringle, NSRI Hout Bay station commander, said:

At 22h29, Tuesday, 13th June, NSRI Hout Bay duty crew were activated following reports of a suspected drowning accident in Hout Bay Harbour.

A Hout Bay CCP (Community Crime Prevention) officer were reportedly already on the scene and the alarm had been raised by the Hout Bay WatchCon community control.

NSRI Hout Bay responded and Community Medics, WC Government Health EMS, Cape Town Fire and Rescue Services and the SA Police Services responded.

The CCP officers, on their arriving first on the scene, had found a local woman floating in the water and a local man who had reportedly tried to rescue her, believed to be her friend, lying on the North Wharf suffering hypothermia.

The CCP Officer was joined by ADT Security officers and the CCP officer, assisted by the ADT officers, with one of the crew being a qualified medic, they had managed to recover the woman from the water and they had initiated CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) efforts that were joined by paramedics from Cape Town Fire and Rescue Services.

NSRI medics, EMS paramedics and Community Medics paramedics joined the CPR efforts but sadly after all efforts to resuscitate the woman were exhausted on the scene and the woman was declared deceased by paramedics.

The body of the woman has been taken into the care of the Forensic Pathology Services and Police have opened an inquest docket.

The man who reportedly tried to save the woman was treated for hypothermia at the NSRI sea rescue station and he was transported to hospital in a stable condition by EMS ambulance and he is reported to be recovering.

It remains unknown what caused the woman to be in the water in the harbour and Police are investigating.

The CCP officer assisted by the ADT security officers are commended for their efforts.



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