Fishing boat assisted

Francois Pieters, NSRI Lamberts Bay station commander, said: On the afternoon of Wednesday, 14th June, NSRI Lamberts Bay duty crew were activated to investigate requests for assistance from fishing boats reporting to be lost in dense fog off-shore between St Helena Bay and Lamberts Bay.

During investigations it was confirmed that all but one of the fishing boats had returned safely to harbours along the West Coast and only the fishing boat (an open small Snoek fishing boat), Jayla, with 3 men onboard, remained outstanding in the vicinity of Lamberts Bay and cellphone contact with the Jayla was made and her crew reported to be close in-shore, beyond the breakers which they could hear but they could not see through the dense fog, and North of Lamberts Bay as they had originally headed in a Northerly direction earlier.

NSRI Lamberts Bay launched the sea rescue craft Douglas Murray and headed North beyond the breaker line for 2 nautical miles and then turned around and headed back towards Lamberts Bay closer in-shore but still beyond the breaker line and found the casualty boat during the return heading.

Jayla had run out of fuel by that stage and our sea rescue craft Douglas Murray towed them to Lamberts Bay without incident arriving at just after 19h00 and once safely ashore the three local fishermen required no further assistance.

Picture: NSRI Lamberts Bay sea rescue craft Douglas Murray returning to the harbour with the casualty boat Jayla in tow.



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