Medical patient assisted at her home on Saturday. Non-fatal drowning accident on Sunday:

Robbie Gibson, NSRI Plettenberg Bay deputy station commander, said:

At 16h30, Saturday, 04 February, NSRI Plettenberg Bay duty crew were activated following a request for assistance at a residential home in Plettenberg Bay where a 64 year old local female was suffering severe chest pains suspected to be suffering a heart attack.

NSRI medics responded to the house.

Ambulance services were activated while NSRI medics initiated emergency medical treatment on the female at her home but her condition was deteriorating rapidly.

While waiting on an ambulance to arrive additional NSRI medical equipment was brought to the house including an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) and oxygen.

At that moment the lady suffered cardiac arrest.

Our NSRI medics commenced with CPR, including numerous defibrillation’s using the AED, and spontaneous breathing and a strong pulse was restored following successful CPR efforts.

An ambulance then arrived and the patient was transported to hospital by ambulance in a serious but stable condition where it was confirmed that she had suffered a severe heart attack and following treatment she has been transported by ambulance to a hospital in Port Elizabeth for specialist care.

On Sunday, 05 February, NSRI Plettenberg Bay duty crew were activated following eye-witness reports of a drowning in progress at Robberg 1 Beach, next door to the Beacon Island Hotel.

Bitou Municipal lifeguards were responding from surrounding beaches and it was confirmed that a Bitou Municipal lifeguard was in attendance and swimming out to the casualty in the surf zone.

We dispatched our sea rescue vehicle, medical crew and our sea rescue craft Airlink Rescuer responded.

On arrival on the scene we found lifeguards attending to a 23 year old man, from George, on the beach who lifeguards had rescued from the surf.

We assisted the lifeguards with medical care and ambulance services were summoned and an ambulance transported the patient to hospital in a stable condition.

It appears that while lifeguards were setting up the beach at Robberg 1 for the day ahead, Bitou Municipal lifeguard Stuart Stuurman noticed the 23 year old male in difficulty being swept out to sea by rip-currents in the surf zone and Stuart swam out to rescue him managing to get the casualty safely to the beach where he was assisted by fellow lifeguards who had responded from Central beach to help.

Lifeguard Stuart stuurman is commended for the rescue effort.

Robberg Beach - (Tripadvisor)

Robberg Beach – (Tripadvisor)




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  1. Roly
    06. Feb, 2017 at 08:50 #

    The lady you helped on Saturday is my aunt and I just wanted to thank the NSRI for the amazing assistance. “THANK YOU!”

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