Sandefjord DVD : Her Voyage Around the World

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This DVD tells the story of six spirited adventurers – five young men and a woman – who refitted a battered 50 year old ketch in Durban and sailed her westward; through the islands of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian; around the world in 627 days.
The disk is sold as film maker and crewman Barry Cullen designed it in 1990 after he transferred the original 1967 vintage 16mm movie to digital. For those who love sailing it is a collectors item … and for those who do not understand why people sail … this will have you hooked.

It is quite simply a beautifully told story.

If you would like a disk sent to you locally ( ie South Africa)  donate R100 online which includes local postage or for International postage donate R150. Please write Sandefjord DVD in the field ‘ I would like the funds to go to a specific project/rescue base.

For copyright reasons NSRI regrets, this movie is not available in the USA, Canada or Caribbean Islands.

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In 1913 Sandefjord was launched at Risör, Norway, the 28th ketch built for the Norwegian Lifeboat Society. These sturdy wooden sailing craft, designed by the legendary Colin Archer, were built to put to sea at the first sign of a storm and to assist vessels in distress. During her 22 years’ service, Sandefjord was attributed with saving 117 lives and assisting 258 vessels through fog and storm to safety.

After being sold out of the lifeboat service in 1935 she was owned and sailed, first by Norwegian Erling Tambs who completed three Transatlantic passages in her and later, in the care of Tilly Penso, she sailed under the burgee of the Royal Cape Yacht Club for almost 25 years. Sold out of his estate in 1961, the ketch passed through a quick succession of owners, the last of whom all but abandoned her as a rotting hulk in Durban.

It was a desperately sad shadow of the once proud and gallant Sandefjord that was found, half sunk at her moorings by the Durban brothers Barry and Patrick Cullen in 1963. The task of refitting her required almost two years of hard work before she was ready for sea. She was taken from the water, stripped of all doubtful planks and timbers and slowly restored to a state of complete seaworthiness.

Finally, in February 1965, Sandefjord was ready. She was provisioned for 400 days and with her complement of five young men and a girl, she sailed from Durban on what proved to be her greatest adventure yet.

Through the West Indies, Panama Canal. .. and on into the mighty Pacific. Sandefjord made her landfalls in the exotic South Seas in much the same way as Cook and other early navigators. Without exception, she was well met at all her ports of call. She made friends easily … for herself and her crew … as loyal and devoted a crew as any ship could ever wish to have.

Sandefjord sailed 30,279 nautical miles in 21 months in this memorable circumnavigation, receiving a thrilling homecoming welcome in Durban, Tuesday, 8th November 1966.

This film is dedicated to the Norwegian lifeboatmen who manned Sandefjord and her sister sailing rescue craft saving thousands of lives 1893 to 1940, to the NSRI lifeboat crews, past and present who have, so courageously saved so many, many lives off our own stormy coastline and, last but not least, the Sandefjord 65/66 round-the-world crew.


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  1. Don Macleod
    15. Aug, 2014 at 21:44 #

    Dear sir,, how can I contact John Vigor. I read a blog of his re a Colin Archer design ketch which was based in Durban RSA. The ketch name was COLIN ARCHER and had maroon sails. It was originally sailed from Norway by Donald Shave. It then pased to the ownership of Col Mike Hoare. My question is : who owns the vessel now and where is it based. The question is merely curiosity based and nothing else. I followed the life of famous Sandefjord ketch and the Cullen brothers from the time they bought and rebuilt her to her return to Norway. Thanks Don Macleod, 13A Heaton Nicholls rd Kloof, Durban

    • from Craig Poole
      21. Jan, 2017 at 13:00 #

      It is possible to contact Colonel Mike Hoare’s son Chris Hoare on 0824437589

      Maybe he can help you

      Craig Poole


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