Helicopter exercise at Richards Bay:

On Saturday a joint exercise involving Sea Rescue’s Richard Bay volunteers, Acher Aviation & TNPA helicopter took place opposite Naval Island.

During the exercises the NSRI made use of a harness type hoist strop. The advantage of this harness type strop is that it allows the rescuers to perform tasks above their heads. It places the patient directly in front of the rescuer at the correct level to maintain eye contact and to be able to continue working on the patient whilst being hoisted from the water and transferred to the rescue boat. A total of fourteen hoists were done.

Exercises like these are crucial to maintain these skill levels and here the TNPA also needs to be commended and thanked for allowing this training.

Our station would like to extend a big thank-you to TNPA for the use of their helicopter for the exercise and to the staff of Acher Aviation for their time and professionalism in training our crew.

Report and pictures by Brynn Gericke.

Thembi Xawuka demonstrating to crewman Ully Shokkos how to exit the helicopter.

Werner Smit exiting the helicopter under the guidance of hoist operator Thembi Xawuka.

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