Richards Bay volunteers entertain pupils:

Pictures by Brynn Gericke.

The Richards Bay volunteers entertained St Catherines school children while teaching them about Sea Rescue and water safety during their annual Moms and Lads day on Saturday the 17th March.

Deputy Station Commander Cornel du Toit  laid out a course for the children with a spare tow rope. They were split into two teams and  ran alongside the rope over a mini obstacle course, the older kids assisting the younger ones as they went along.

After completing the course the children were taken through the sea rescue station where they were showed the equipment, and given a talk covering safety on boats and what we do in general. Afterwards they shared a picnic with their moms and built sand castles on the beach.

As a thank-you to NSRI they presented us with some cleaning materials and milk which will cover us in the winter months.

Pictures by Brynn Gericke.




Donations from the children.


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