Ex RNLI Deep Sea Rescue boat arrives:

Sea Rescue Operations Director Mark Hughes fits one of the propellors to the Brede in the Container terminal before she was lifted.

Sea Rescue yesterday took delivery of an ex-Royal National Lifeboat Institute ( RNLI) deep sea rescue boat that will replace the one lost in the Gordons Bay ship-yard fire.  The 7th Brede brought to South Africa by NSRI was off-loaded at Cape Town harbour yesterday ( 01 February 2012).

Lyonesse is prepared for lifting into the water at the Cape Town harbour container terminal.

The 10 metre Brede Class lifeboat was brought from Tilbury docks in the United Kingdom to Cape Town harbour at no cost to NSRI because of the generous donations by all who helped with the project.

The ex-RNLI Brede sailed under the name Lyonesse. She will under go a no frills refit in Cape Town, where for the next two months she will be fitted with NSRI rescue equipment and resprayed in our colours.

The project to bring the Lochin made boat to Cape Town was managed by NSRI volunteer Andy Connell. With his organizing skills, and the generosity of all who brought the rescue boat to Cape Town, the NSRI will soon have new Brede in Mossel Bay.

A big thank-you to everybody who donated money to replace the rescue boat that was sadly lost in the Gordon’s Bay boat-yard fire.

You made it possible for us to bring this replacement boat into our fleet.

The ex-RNLI lifeboat is lifted at the Cape Town harbour container terminal.

The following people made a significant contribution to getting the rescue boat to our shores at no cost. A very big thank-you to you all from all of us at Sea Rescue:

Jaco Visagie of Safmarine Shipping Line, facilitated the sponsorship with his principles. Simon Thomas & David of Lochin Marine, prepared the lifeboat for her sea voyage and moved her from Newhaven to Tilbury docks. Lucy Hornett of Safmarine UK, helped Lochin and the forwarders get the lifeboat through Tilbury port, Bennie Gilson of Tilbury Container services organized the Stevedoring and lashing of lifeboat onto the flat-rack, David MacLean of Toll Group Perishables, facilitated the forwarding formalities out of England, Craig Garrow and Terence Du Toit of Pronto Clearing, performed the Import clearing formalities and documentation to release the lifeboat in Cape Town, Verdus De Jongh of Transnet Port Terminals, facilitated the discharge from the vessel and lift into the water, Trevor Francke of Diamond Shipping, were agents for the vessel the mv DAL Kalahari, who facilitated the planning operation between Safmarine and the port terminal. Godfrey Fisher of GF Trucking for moving the lifeboat in Cape Town Terminal and turning in the used flat-rack and cradle and Donovan Liedeman of Dole SA for arranging port formalities, entry and NSRI hospitality in the port.

High resolution pictures are available for media down-load from Sea Rescue’s Flickr page.

Table Bay's rescue boat Spirit of Vodacom waits for the ex-RNLI boat to be put in the water.

The ex-RNLI lifeboat is lifted into the water at the Cape Town harbour container terminal with the Table Bay rescue boat Spirit of Vodacom standing-by.

The ex-RNLI lifeboat is rafted alongside the Table Bay rescue boat Spirit of Vodacom before being taken to her berth.

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11 Responses to “Ex RNLI Deep Sea Rescue boat arrives:”

  1. Brad Geyser Statcom Station 8 Hout Bay
    02. Feb, 2012 at 10:33 #

    A welcome addition to our fleet. These are sturdy boats that have proven themselves over time to be good, reliable all weather rescue craft. We love our Brede MTU – Nadine Gordimer!

  2. Lorenzo St5
    02. Feb, 2012 at 11:03 #

    Fantastic, well done to all those involved. They are great boats, enjoy it she will keep you safe.

  3. Debbie Olivier
    02. Feb, 2012 at 12:52 #

    Welcome Lyonesse!

  4. Tim Edwards Stn 5
    02. Feb, 2012 at 16:24 #

    This Brede used to be called “Merchant Navy” No. 1087, when it was still with the RNLI. Was the 5th Brede ever to be built out of twelve so it was given boat number 33-05. Was based at Oban Station before being sold to a private buyer in 1990 and given the name “Lyonesse”. May she have a long and happy life with NSRI and serve her crew well. Would love to follow the progress of her refit.

    • andrew
      02. Feb, 2012 at 18:58 #

      Thanks for the info Tim. We will post more pictures of her past life next week. Keep watching this site for regular updates. Regards, Andrew

    • Stuart Burgess
      06. Feb, 2012 at 06:14 #

      Thats great info Tim. The boat that she replaces, R9 Sanlam Rescuer which was lost in a fire before delivery to Mossel Bay also served at Oban before transfer to SA for Station 9 Gordon’s Bay

    • Keith
      15. May, 2017 at 15:21 #

      Timothy, are you ex 18?
      Where did you obtain the info on this Brede? I am currently researching our boats for our Jubilee book and any info I can get will be appreciated.


      Keith (ex 18)

  5. Alan low
    03. Feb, 2012 at 02:32 #

    Lyonesse was my pride and joy for six years, it’s good to see her being recommisioned as a lifeboat. Good luck

    • Keith
      15. May, 2017 at 15:24 #

      G’day Alan

      My info indicates that you were a private buyer of this Brede, is that correct?

      I am researching our boats (NSRI Station 15 Mossel Bay) for our Jubilee book and any information is welcome.

      Kind regards


  6. Stuart Burgess
    06. Feb, 2012 at 06:22 #

    I guess the guy standing on her deck has not seen any of the many pictures of boats falling out of strops or being otherwise accidentally dropped during lifting operations. I do at least hope that he is not one of ours.

  7. Graham Orphan
    08. Dec, 2014 at 10:34 #

    Hi there,

    Looking for Stuart Burgess, to discuss Fairchild F-24 aircraft. I am restoring one too. Struggling to make contact. Hope you can help.


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