NSRI Head Office map

Here is how to find NSRI Head Quarters :

Our address is 1 Glengariff Road, Three Anchor Bay.  Tel: (021) 434 4011

GPS : S 33 54 33.1  E 018 23 54.3

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  1. Pierre Francois Massyn
    05. Apr, 2014 at 10:52 #

    Dear Sir, I am writing to you in English since I suspect your English is better than your Afrikaans. In 2006, I personally carried the NSRI flag to the top of Kilmanjaro. The symbolism behind this undertaking was to link the Southernmost Sea Rescue Station in Africa – Station 30, Struisbaai – with the highest point on the continent – Uhuru peak.I did this on the behest of the then Statcom, Struisbaai, Shane Kempen. This venture cost me in the order of R20 000. You will therefore agree that my commitment and credibility vis-a-vis the NSRI is beyond reproach. The photo of the NSRI flag on Kilimanjaro was cirulated around the world and generated Millions of Rands in worldwide donations. What is my point? Esteemed Sirs, the NSRI is currently losing millions of Rand in donations? How? I’ll tell you exactly. The biggest buying power in South Africa is in the hands of the Afrikaans community. At least 50% of stocks listed on the JSE are somehow entrenched in Afrikaner hands – Richemont (the Rupert Family), Shoprite (Whitey Basson), Naspers (who owns MTN, MNET, countless magazines 10% interst in Chinese concerns, Capitech Bank (owned by Afrikaans academics in Stellenbosch,)Sanlam, Santam…I can go on and on. The NSRI does not have Afrikaans on their “collection boats” displayed everywhere. Afrikaners will NOT give you their money. This is a given fact. The NSRI annully deprives itself of Millions of Rands because of this. You cannot afford to lose a single cent. I therefore urge you to apply Afrikaans as well to you “collection boats”. You will be amazed at the diffence it makes, I can assure you. (There used to be Afrikaans on the boats, but someone in the upper eschelons of the NSRI saw fit to have it removed, and the the process alienated millions of potential Afrikaans donors.) Thank you, kindest regards. Pierre Francois Massyn, Past Member, Station 30.

    • andrew
      05. Apr, 2014 at 13:54 #

      Geagte Pierre,
      Baie dankie vir jou email en vir jou ondersteuning oor die jare, dit word opreg waardeer. Dankie ook dat jy die gebrek aan Afrikaans op die NSRI donasie bote onder ons aandag gebring het. Ons is tans besig om die ou donasie bote oor te doen en sal jou advies in ag neem.

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